Sunday Musings

Wow! It’s been a month since I launched The Wolf Dream Books blog here on WordPress. The same day had a flurry of activity as I set up email, Twitter, Facebook, SoundCloud and YouTube accounts, as well.

After some experimentation, I’ve settled into a bit of routine, publishing several scenes from Tishta the Crystal Orb every day, recording the scenes (yet again—I’ve recorded the whole book twice already!), and scheduling Tweets and Facebook posts about the new scenes for the next morning. When I finish a chapter, I post the audio on SoundCloud, and then Tweet and Facebook about that.

It’s gratifying to see people starting to read and listen to my work! I already have a (tiny) following with seven blog followers, twenty-nine followers on Twitter and five on SoundCloud, plus forty-one Likes on Facebook. At the same time, I’ve discovered some interesting authors to follow, including Kent Wayne, aka DirtySciFiBuddha, who just released the first of his Echo books on Kindle.

Now that I’m focused on editing and trying to figure out the best way to publish the book, I find I’m spending way less time actually writing. With a small business to run, I realize it has to be this way. I’m also getting ready to interview for a job that actually pays me enough to live on, so I’m basically juggling three full-time jobs.

It’s all right. I find time to exercise a fair amount, attending a dance class twice a week, and don’t have time for the inanity of TV.

Tishta should be complete on the blog by late May. In the mean time, I’ll figure out the following steps. I need cover art, that’s for certain. And probably an editor to review the final draft. I have Scrivener, so I can create books in formats for many ebook readers. I know I’ll likely end up on Amazon, but I want to look into other avenues as well. Suggestion are more than welcome!

I miss my weekly writing group, so hope to find time to get back with them soon. I really enjoy reading my works to people and hearing their reactions, but I’ve missed one of my two monthly reading groups for the last two months, mostly due to scheduling conflicts. There are simply too many things to tempt one in life to be able to do it all!

My goal was to write six hundred words this afternoon, but, alas, the vacuum cleaner is staring me in the face and I must bid you adieu.

Copyright ©2014-16 Ramona Ridgewell. All rights reserved.


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