I’ve put a lot of my life for the last year and a half into writing. A good portion of that was spent on my first novel, Tishta the Crystal Orb. As part of the process, I shared my first draft here on this blog. Today, I removed the menu item for the book. I’ll leave the posts for posterity, but for now, Tishta has gone into seclusion.

This week, my editor gave me her notes and comments on the version of Tishta that graced these pages. With her help, I believe I can make it into a much stronger story. I’ll be sharing  that experience with you here.

It was gratifying when my editor told me she genuinely liked my story. I was giddy when I read through her editorial letter. Clear character voices, good genuine interactions, delightful hot gay vampire sex, and good fight scenes, were some of her comments. Don’t get me wrong, she had lots of concerns as well, especially with the pacing and the central conflict not being set up early enough. She also gave me tools to address these and to make other improvements.

A couple of resources were Christopher Vogler’s The Writer’s Journey as a study guide to using Hero’s Journey archetypes and story structure, and also, Robert McKee’s Story for working with scenes more effectively. She also suggested reading lots of genre-specific book openings to get a feel for how characters and central conflicts are introduced. I’ve got my summer reading homework lined up.

Serious writing is definitely a case of the more I learn, the more I don’t know. It’s an exciting journey, and I love the welcoming community of writers I’m discovering here in Seattle. I frequently attend writer’s groups and readings. I found I really enjoy reading my stories to people. I hope to create something you will enjoy reading.


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