Tishta the Crystal Orb: Second Chapter Revamped

The second chapter of Tishta the Crystal Orb now introduces Gillan and Kano in the first scene, and Toran, in the second. It was more difficult for me than chapter one, although, that chapter is much longer.

One of the differences is, most of the first chapter was included in the first draft of Tishta—the one I spent all that time on before sending it to my editor, Anne Bean, for a preliminary review. It was in pretty good shape as a foundation for the revised version. Also, all of the additions were new writings, and my writing has improved since last year, when the content of chapter two was originally written. I’ve had to work harder to pull it into shape.

The other major difference is, the characters—Gillan, Toran and, to a lesser degree, Kano—have always been secondary, so I haven’t thought as much about them or written as many backstories. I don’t know these characters as well. One of Anne’s comments was that she wanted to know more about them. I’m still working on that, although, I recently wrote a fairly comprehensive story of Gillan’s childhood and adolescence up to, and including, when she met Criften.

After deciding how to fit the stories in this chapter into the story line, I set about filling in some details and “showing” instead of “telling” major parts of the prose. I’m relatively happy with the results. This will be one of the chapters I come back to later, to re-examine the content and the flow.

For now, I’ve recorded it and moved on. Chapter three brings all ten characters together in the first scene. It’s what I tried to do in the very first scene in the original draft. It was too confusing for readers to keep all the characters separated in their heads. I’ve also added a lot more descriptions of the characters. I hope this time, it will be easier.

Stay tuned for more about the progress of the book. Two scenes into chapter three, I’m already far more comfortable, back with the story revolving around Coltan.

Copyright ©2014-16 Ramona Ridgewell. All rights reserved.


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