Tishta the Crystal Orb: Into Part Two

Tying up “Part One—Coming Together” of the revision of “Tishta the Crystal Orb” was a bit challenging, but, it turns out, not as difficult as pulling together the pieces to start “Part Two—Learning to Trust.” I’m not certain about how “Chapter Six—On The Road” ended up, but I felt that way at the end of part one, and probably every chapter in part one. While I was piecing together “On the Road,” I went back to make some revisions to “Chapter Five—A Trip to a Real Town.” I’m happier now with the scenes I modified, so I’ll just move on and expect to do the same with this chapter.

One of the things that made this difficult was, in the first five chapters, I changed a lot in terms of the ordering of events, and also added more story. The beginning of this chapter was mostly pulled out of previous scenes, so I had to write them into this point of the story. I fretted. I wrote a little. I moved things around. Little by little, the story took shape around these plot points and the chapter emerged.

I decided to remove one of Criften’s abilities—shapeshifting—at least for now. My editor, Anne, was surprised in the original story, when he transformed. He never used it again, so I think it’s the right decision. Although he has a bit of wolf-iness about him, like his very keen hearing and eyesight, I think these can be explained as separate abilities. Even Malcan has keen eyesight.

In my revision work so far, the scenes are, for the most part, a lot longer than the original ones. I combined some of them and added exposition, and just more story, to others. This chapter, was much the same, except for a single scene. It probably moved chronologically, but the text didn’t change at all. It’s a very short scene. I think it might be all right to leave it that way. It fits where it is. It’s not so closely tied to the previous scene that it should be appended to the end of that one. I don’t know. It’s one of those things I’ll need to revisit after I move further along in part two.

As I start into the next chapters, it will be different work. I will add more of the story around Coltan’s addictions—which is the expansion of his story arc—but the majority of the work will be figuring out plot pacing and building the tension of the story. Well, Coltan’s addictions are all part of that now, so I know how some of it will change.

One nice thing about diving into each chapter is, it has been a while since I last read or listened to any of them. I think I’ve been away long enough to recognize some of the issues Anne pointed out in her editorial letter and comments. I know I’ll be using her feedback to guide me—a lot.

I continue to be excited about revising Tishta. I know my writing has improved since I started this book nearly two years ago. I think it shows in the current revision of part one. Perhaps it will be good enough to publish. Getting closer every day.

Copyright ©2014-16 Ramona Ridgewell. All rights reserved.


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