Two Hour Transport – August 23, 2017

Last night, at Two Hour Transport, we had the pleasure of hearing Seattle author Nancy Kress read from her newly-released book, “Tomorrow’s Kin,” based on her Nebula-winning novella, “Yesterday’s Kin.” It was an intriguing introduction to a story about an alien invasion—they set up housekeeping right in New York Harbor. It’s always exciting to hear an author give voice to her story.


The second guest reader was Evan J. Peterson. He read a delightfully weird short story, “Investment Opportunity,”—which will be included in “Unspeakable Horror 2”—about a scientist who gets sucked into an experiment. I have heard Peterson read other stories—they are always full of surprises.


The open-mic readers included J. G. (Joe) Follansbee, who read from his new novelette, “The Mother Earth Insurgency;” Edith Follansbee, whose spin on the Cinderella fairy tale had everyone chuckling; Tod McCoy; Anaea Lay; and several others, including me. I read the scene, “Eclipse,” from my novel, “Tishta the Crystal Orb.” It seemed appropriate, given the eclipse on Monday.

Two Hour Transport happens each month on the fourth Wednesday at Cafe Racer. Host Theresa J Barker keeps the atmosphere warm and nurturing—a great place to practice reading to an audience, to share your stories, and to get to know other writers in the Seattle SciFi and Fantasy community.


Copyright ©2014-17 Ramona Ridgewell. All rights reserved.


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