Tishta the Crystal Orb: Beta Readers – Round Two

After finishing the last edit of “Tishta the Crystal Orb,” I drew two of the six maps for the book, figured out how to include them in Scrivener, and sent the ARC (Advanced Review Copy) out to a couple of Beta Readers. I am so excited, I can barely contain myself.

For the maps, I scanned my pencil sketches into .jpg files. Using PhotoShop, I added them as the lowest layer, then drew over them—with my finger on my trackpad—and added text labels, etc., then removed the original layer. It was tedious and the maps are fairly crude, but they definitely show the landscape and the routes my travelers take.

Adding the drawings to Scrivener was a learning process. I had to figure out how to scale them up to fit the page, then what to do to exclude the title of the page. I ran into an issue when I started updating the .epub files on iBooks on my iPhone (it worked fine on my Mac). It remembered positions from the previous file, and it really messed with the formatting of the pages. Now I know to always name the file something different, so I append versions, e.g., Tishta the Crystal Orb 2.1.epub. I did not have this issue with Kindle, but I think it is a good practice, regardless.

Next up is to finish the other four maps—a friend lent me a drawing tablet to attach to my laptop, which is making things easier—then create updated book versions to send to my readers. I also need to contact a few of the people who did not respond to my initial email to see if they are not interested or maybe missed the email.

I have been trying—only somewhat successfully—to hold off on doing any more editing until after I take the class on creating an audiobook on the 17th (see previous blog post for details). I am really ready to record the scenes again. It is difficult to listen to the current version since I can hear things that should change, and I am not certain if I have already changed them—I did a major edit since they were last recorded.

The value of recording as an editing tool was reinforced over the weekend when I recorded a scene before reading it at one of my reading groups on Sunday. I do this to ensure I can read the whole scene within the allotted five minutes of open mic. There were several places in the short scene where the words caught my ear as not quite right. I made the changes before I read it to my group.

I found a line editor who I will possibly hire. I need to figure out at what point it will make sense for her to read it. Probably not until after I make edits based on Beta Reader feedback, and perhaps not until after I record the book again. All these things are trial and error. Next time, I will know more. But that is life, in general.

Thanks for your words of encouragement and advice. I appreciate it. I should be editing. More later.

Copyright ©2014-18 Ramona Ridgewell. All rights reserved.


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