April 25th Reading

I’m excited to announce I will be a guest reader at this month’s Two Hour Transport! Next Wednesday, April 25. Come on out to Cafe Racerto hear the open mic readers at 7:00, and the invited guest readers (me and G.G. Silverman) at 8:00.



Join us for two hours of science fiction and fantasy reading at Cafe Racer on Wednesday, April 25th.

Signup starts at 6:30
Five minute readings from signup 7:00 – 7:50
Invited readers 8:00 – 9:00


G.G.’s work has appeared in Corvid Queen, Evil Girlfriend Media’s EGM Shorts, Fantasia Divinity’s Goddesses of the Sea anthology, Pop Seagull’s Robotica anthology, Molotov Cocktail, Iconoclast, the Iron Horse Literary Review, and more. Her flash fiction has recently been nominated for the Best Small Fictions anthology, and she’s currently at work on a short story collection as well as her third young adult novel. In her free time, she’s an improv performer, and enjoys making people spit out their drinks.

What happens when you sit down to write? Sometimes, magic. Magic created that first biography, of Harriet Tubman, and transported the six-year-old Ramona Ridgewell into the cotton fields, toiling from dawn to…

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Lessons from the Fledgling Author: Common Misspellings

I just heard someone say, “admittably,” in place of “admittedly.” I’m calling it out because this was a new one on me. One of my pet peeves is “supposably.” I think these kinds of mistakes are due to never using them in writing. I can’t even figure out how to spell them. Auto-correct doesn’t like them. It’s a strong case for having students write more.

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Joe Follansbee’s The Mother Earth Insurgency is Out

Congrats, Joe! I’m intrigued by the story so far.

I’m happy to announce that The Mother Earth Insurgency, the first story in my series Tales From A Warming Planet, is now on sale exclusively at Amazon for 99¢. After nearly ten years of work on this series, it’s thrilling to see it out in the wild. I hope you enjoy reading the story as […]

via At last! The Mother Earth Insurgency is on sale now at Amazon. — J.G. Follansbee

Tishta the Crystal Orb: Edits to Chapter Seven Complete

I made my way through “Chapter 7—Haliton,” of “Tishta the Crystal Orb.” That took longer than I expected. Well, I was sick the last two weeks, so that slowed me down a bit, and I was focused on other parts of my life, as well. The editing and rewriting actually went pretty well—I feel good with the results.

Along the way, I added more to the story of The Others, including introductory scenes that named the characters in chapters three and six. In the original draft, I attempted to make them more mysterious by only giving tiny flashes into what they were doing, to put some of the events in the main story in context, and I didn’t identify them by name until later in the book. My editor, Anne Bean, found this jarring and wanted more information sooner, to make them less confusing and also to build more tension as their objectives became more clear.

By telling more of the antagonists’ stories, I found a way to introduce conflict into the ranks of The Others by introducing more of them in this book, instead of waiting until “Into the Wolf Dream.” In the second scene of “Chapter 2—The Gathering,” Malcan tells the story of where Tishta came from. In it, The Others are described as, “…like Kahl, aggressive and full of self-interest.” In the same chapter, I insinuate Criften’s distrust of The Council (who govern the wizards in the West). By adding another minor story arc, I was able to show that The Others don’t play well together, either. I think this will work well as the story progresses.

Some of the rework of this chapter revolved around the introduction of the second story arc for The Others. I may need to add another scene from the perspective of these new players, but I won’t be sure until I’m into the next chapter. Move forward. Go back and fill in details. I can see how this editing is going to progress.

The other work was mostly around clarifying and enhancing existing scenes, and combining some of them. This included a bit of rework in places where I told the story instead of showing it through action or dialog. I wrote about this in “Lessons from the Fledgling Author: Show Your Story, Don’t Tell It.” One of the nice things I’ve discovered when I do these types of edits is that it helps flesh out the characters. I was able to show that Gillan is the leader of the warriors—she takes control of the planning and tells the others what she expects of them. Gillan is badass and I need to show it. This is a good change for a character Anne had trouble understanding the purpose of in the first draft.

I’ve been working to include more description of my characters, especially the main ones. At the same time, I’m adding more about what my demons look like and how they come into being. I need to be careful with this since it might impact the “science” of demons in the following books.

This process is slow, but I’m enjoying it. As I’ve recorded the stories and listened to them—which I wrote about in “Lessons from the Fledgling Author: Listen to Your Own Writings“—I’m finding I like this revised story much better than the original draft. I’ve done a lot more writing since I wrote a lot of these scenes, and the changes I’m making reflect this. I’m a better writer, now. I’m excited to see how the rest of the book turns out.

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Sunday Musings

Wow! It’s been a month since I launched The Wolf Dream Books blog here on WordPress. The same day had a flurry of activity as I set up email, Twitter, Facebook, SoundCloud and YouTube accounts, as well.

After some experimentation, I’ve settled into a bit of routine, publishing several scenes from Tishta the Crystal Orb every day, recording the scenes (yet again—I’ve recorded the whole book twice already!), and scheduling Tweets and Facebook posts about the new scenes for the next morning. When I finish a chapter, I post the audio on SoundCloud, and then Tweet and Facebook about that.

It’s gratifying to see people starting to read and listen to my work! I already have a (tiny) following with seven blog followers, twenty-nine followers on Twitter and five on SoundCloud, plus forty-one Likes on Facebook. At the same time, I’ve discovered some interesting authors to follow, including Kent Wayne, aka DirtySciFiBuddha, who just released the first of his Echo books on Kindle.

Now that I’m focused on editing and trying to figure out the best way to publish the book, I find I’m spending way less time actually writing. With a small business to run, I realize it has to be this way. I’m also getting ready to interview for a job that actually pays me enough to live on, so I’m basically juggling three full-time jobs.

It’s all right. I find time to exercise a fair amount, attending a dance class twice a week, and don’t have time for the inanity of TV.

Tishta should be complete on the blog by late May. In the mean time, I’ll figure out the following steps. I need cover art, that’s for certain. And probably an editor to review the final draft. I have Scrivener, so I can create books in formats for many ebook readers. I know I’ll likely end up on Amazon, but I want to look into other avenues as well. Suggestion are more than welcome!

I miss my weekly writing group, so hope to find time to get back with them soon. I really enjoy reading my works to people and hearing their reactions, but I’ve missed one of my two monthly reading groups for the last two months, mostly due to scheduling conflicts. There are simply too many things to tempt one in life to be able to do it all!

My goal was to write six hundred words this afternoon, but, alas, the vacuum cleaner is staring me in the face and I must bid you adieu.

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